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Captain America Cornered!

I have a post up at Calamity Jon’s CORNERED blog today.  The Cornered blog challenges you to redraw the classic corner art from comic books (mostly of yore but I imagine there must be some of that still going on).  I picked a Captain America comic from the mid-nineties and tried to give it a goofier, brighter spin than the

Repaneled Blog

I have a “cover” of a panel from Spiderman Vs. Wolverine up today (Friday) at Repaneled.  There’s some really good stuff up there and I find it interesting what kinds of panels people pick for the project.  The Covered blog is awesome but there’s a little less material to choose from — there’s a whole book of panels to every

Practice Practice Practice

Same sketch – dropped into Manga Studio and inked.  I bought Manga Studio in 2009 and although it’s a heck of lot easier to ink in it with the WACOM than Photoshop I still don’t really know how to use all the commands in the program. Also – still not sure what I’m doing!


Making a comic as opposed to just doodling?  It’s a different set of muscles or maybe it’s just using the muscles in a more complicated way?  I am really trying hard to write short stories so as to make and finish comics.  Working on this one which I like the idea of more than this actual little comic…

Altbrand Version 2.0

What goes around, comes around.  I really want to draw on a regular basis this year — and posting to the web has been a motivating push in the past so here I am again.  I thought long and hard about new domain names for a new site this year but ultimately came back to wanting to hang on to