Altbrand Version 2.0

What goes around, comes around.  I really want to draw on a regular basis this year — and posting to the web has been a motivating push in the past so here I am again.  I thought long and hard about new domain names for a new site this year but ultimately came back to wanting to hang on to  Altbrand 2.0. isn’t Alternative Brand Studios (although if I get time I may post a few pages about those days) — those days were great fun and it was a bunch of great cartoonists in the “band”.  I guess you’d call this version a solo act — I’m only hoping I’ve learned a little bit from the self-directed education in comics I’ve given myself writing for ComixTalk this decade.

I’ll need to come up with a site design for this that’s unique but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. (I’m using Webcomic CMS on and ComicPress on another site I’ve got a comic in the works for).  If I wanted to go with something that “evokes” the original Alternative Brand Studios I could go with this variation on the original logo (different color scheme & letter arrangement but same basic font).  I’ll probably keep brainstorming for awhile…